About the workshop

The aim of the Persuasive Technology in Online Collaborative Systems Workshop is to bring together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners in academia and industry who have interests in the use of persuasive technology in the area of online collaborative systems. The workshop will serve as an avenue for participants to share their ideas, experiences, and discuss the key challenges facing the area in order to shape the future of online collaborative systems. The workshop will cover broad areas of online systems that promote collaboration including online collaborative learning systems, MOOCs, social networks, socially influencing systems, and online question and answer systems. Submissions in these areas related to the use of persuasion and persuasive technology models, the design and evaluation of methods of persuasion, and the personalization or tailoring of persuasive technology are welcome.

The workshop will be held at the 14th International Conference on Persuasive Technology taking place from April 9 to 11 in Limassol, Cyprus.